Custom Hot House High Output Series Main Monitors
in Mirror Image Recorders' Studio C in Times Square, NYC

EQ Blue Ribbon Winner TEC Award Nominee 1997 TEC Award Nominee 1995 Pro Audio Review Reviewer's Pick TEC Award Nominee 2002 TEC Award Nominee 1998 EQ Blue Ribbon Nominee

Introducing the Fourth Generation SV Series High Resolution Control Room Amplifiers…
the fastest, lowest distortion, widest bandwidth professional amplifiers ever built.

HRS 400 SV Amplifier

Although our evolving High Resolution Series has repeatedly set new standards for control room amplifiers over the last decade, still lower noise and triple ought distortion figures in the critical mid and high frequency bands, pushed to levels previously thought unobtainable, have yielded our smoothest, most transparent presentation to date. Building on our second and third generation Intelligent Output Device designs, the new IOD circuit, featuring an active DC blocking servo for balanced offset and near-perfect current sharing between output devices, provides even greater stability and linearity than its predecessors, while maintaining the high speed wide bandwidth musicality for which they are famous. The Four Hundred SV remains the ultimate nearfield amplifier, with the Model Six Hundred SV and One Thousand SV available for higher power applications. Unlike most amplifier lines where a noticeable difference in sound quality or presentation is evident as you move from larger to smaller models, all three SVs sound absolutely identical until each runs out of power supply. And even though each one is designed to excel at a specific task, the Four Hundred for high and medium impedance nearfields, the Six Hundred for high current delivery to low impedance and complex reactive loads, and the One Thousand for higher voltage swing into larger, high impedance loads, there's no sense of a smaller amp sounding "higher fi" at the expense of a strong bottom end, or a larger amp sounding "ballsier" but less articulate. That said, there is certainly some logic to using a One Thousand on a pair of small nearfields such as our PRM165s in the interest of guaranteeing unlimited dynamics when tracking open mics, as opposed to mixing at modest levels close in. This is the system jazz veteran Joe Ferla has been traveling with for several years now, recording and mixing the likes of David Sanborn, Pat Metheny and John Mayer. Many engineers and artists who have heard Joe's rig, or at least the buzz it's created, have quickly followed suit.

…and congratulations to Joe and our newest member of the 165 family, Chad Franscoviak for winning the 2011 Grammy for best engineered album, John Mayer's "Battle Studies".

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Hot House Professional Audio is a small high-tech R&D driven company geared toward the development of standard-setting studio monitoring products. Always seeking to push the envelope, we've released four of the most accurate monitors ever offered the professional recording community… The highly acclaimed nearfield PRM 165 Passive Reference Monitor, two ruler-flat midfield systems, the ARM 265 Active Reference Monitor, and MRM 250 Master Reference Monitor, and the High Output Series HOS 115 modular main monitor. Our product line includes four High Resolution Series Control Room Amplifiers, the new 15Hz ASB 115 and 215 Active Sub Bass systems with their SBX subwoofer crossover/controller, and the world's highest SPL studio monitors, the High Output Series SD 312 and SB 412 with the SDX crossover/equalizer.

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