Active Sub-Bass Systems

ASB310, 112, 212, 115, 215

Offering models designed for studio applications ranging from near-field to large format main monitors, our Active Sub-Bass Systems incorporate specially designed massive High Velocity drivers with purpose-built amplifiers of up to 1,000 watts. Sixth order tuned for both extended response to below 20Hz and extreme reliability, and fed by independently adjustable stereo high and low-pass filters, optimum system integration with both the full-range speakers and the environment is easily accomplished. Providing both balanced and unbalanced inputs and outputs, as well as sensitivity matching and low frequency contour adjustment, all models allow for universal interface with any existing system. Although available in custom configurations to suit any application or environment, the standard systems range from an ultra-compact single 10" to a full-sized dual sub-chambered twin fifteen.

The ASB310 and ASB112 models are designed for high resolution monitoring in the near field, particularly when stereo sub woofers are required. The ASB212 is the perfect choice where a mono center channel sub is appropriate, while its 35"h × 17"w profile is ideally suited to being a mid-field pedestal when oriented vertically in pairs. Such a mid-field system, utilizing our ARM 265 Active Reference Monitor, for example, can easily surpass most soffit-mounted main monitors in SPL capability at the mix position with far greater accuracy and bandwidth, while reducing interaction with room acoustics.

Utilizing two new custom-built 38 pound 15" ultra-long throw drivers with over two inches of linear excursion, the large format (35" × 31" × 22" deep) ASB 215 Active Sub-Bass System, driven by a Model Two Thousand amplifier and SBX Crossover/Controller, is capable of ruler-flat, distortion-free low frequency performance to below 15Hz at very high SPL. Both the ASB 115 and 215 are deadly accurate sealed designs exhibiting near-zero group delay and extremely fast transient response for highly articulate bass reproduction. Sharing the same 15" driver as the 215, and utilizing the same electronics, the single fifteen is a slender (38" x 19.5" x 17.5" deep) package designed for convenient use as a pedestal in ultimate near or midfield rigs. Along with the ASB212, with which it shares a similar frontal profile, this configuration also provides not only practical elevation for near and midfield mains, but sits closer to the ground than a 215 when placed horizontally if the install calls for he sub to be as unobtrusive as possible. Two ASB 115s perform exactly as a single 215 if positioned together. Both are +/- 1/2 dB from 15Hz to the crossover point at 80Hz, and down 3dB at 8Hz.

MODEL ASB310 ASB112 ASB115 ASB212 ASB215
Peak SPL 118dB 120dB 122dB 126dB 128dB

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