HOS 115

High Output Series
Modular Main Monitor

HOS 115 High Output Series Modular Main Monitor

The High Output Series HOS 115 Modular Main Monitor is the primary building block in our new range of extremely high SPL, low distortion, ultra-flat, wide-bandwidth, large format discrete studio monitor packages (the 137 dB coaxial based High Output Series SD 312 is also available). Designed to be utilized with our ASB 115, ASB 215 or HOS 218 subwoofers, SBX Crossover/Controller and model Two Thousand amplifiers, the HOS 115 system will provide over 10 1/2 octaves of incredibly dynamic, highly refined reproduction, with unheard-of low frequency extention and peak sound pressure levels. This high SPL capability, in conjunction with our unique proprietary 15" mid-frequency driver, allows the system to faithfully reproduce extreme musical transients with ease and finesse at any distance in the control room. Thanks to its specially designed high frequency horn, the HOS 115's smooth, near-perfect 90 degree dispersion in the top octave provides a remarkably wide listening window when soffit mounting. The detail and stereo imaging are truly magical for such a high output system. The dynamics are nothing short of spectacular! And the ultra-low distortion combination of horn and compression driver guarantees fatigue-free monitoring over long periods. Being totally modular, the system can be configured in a wide variety of ways, ranging from free-standing midfield, with subwoofer as pedestal, to the largest in-wall multiple subwoofer installations. And although the peak SPL capability is startling, approaching 140 dB in the largest systems, both large and smaller configurations sound gorgeous at low levels. Frequency response is flat within 1 3/4 dB from 80Hz - 24kHz and extends with the same 1 3/4 dB tolerance to as low as 15Hz with our ASB subwoofers. In very large rooms, when absolute peak SPL is required, the HOS 218 trades a little finesse for astounding output and sheer impact. The HOS 115 is 18" wide, 24" high and 20" deep. A custom coaxial version of similar size is available by special order.

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