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HOS Stack: SD 312 and SB 412 The High Output Series is the culmination of over three years of R&D addressing the needs of the wide dynamic range control room. After fifteen years of installing hundreds of world-class monitor systems, many dozens of which have been high-powered/large-format, we felt it necessary to provide our large, ever-expanding Hip-Hop, Rap, Dance and R&B client base with a new level of studio monitor that could meet or exceed their torturous low frequency demands while surviving extreme "dance club" sound pressure requirements. The resultant High Output Series Monitors far exceeded our original design goals of the highest attainable transient and sustained output as well as previously unobtainable levels of reliability.

Coupling the latest, most advanced evolution of the point-source dual-concentric technology with lightning fast bullet-proof 12" low frequency drivers and up to 20,000 watts of Hot House audiophile amplification has yielded the most phase-coherent, lowest distortion and surely the highest SPL large-format system ever offered the high-end studio community. And although its dynamic capability exceeds that of most other large systems by at least 10 to 20 decibels, the level of refinement allows for subtle detail resolution at even the lowest operating levels with no loss of low frequency content. In conjunction with our exceptionally fast High Resolution Series Control Room Amplifiers, the extremely powerful dedicated mid-hi Super Dual (1400 watts MF/1200 watts HF) can faithfully track live transients at any level, while accurately reproducing the midrange timbre and upper register harmonics of acoustic instruments in the context of a complex mix. And when properly aligned, imaging and depth-of-field are nothing short of stunning!

Although the High Output Series is well suited for any type of audio work, it is unique in its ability to reproduce extremely dynamic high impact material in an effortless fashion. Since the system provides up to 20 decibels more dynamic capability than other large monitors, its ability to track and mix the most demanding music, honestly reproduce real-world sound effects, dialogue and scoring for film, and even provide ultimate quality soundstage and theatrical reinforcement is unequaled by any existing system.

Cabinets for both the High Output Series Monitors and High Impact Subwoofers are available in a variety of configurations, dimensions and tunings other than the standard retro-fit versions to allow for custom installation to suit any architectural or creative considerations. The SD312 full-range monitor (and its variants) can be ordered with passive crossovers to allow for biamp as opposed to triamp operation, enabling bi, tri, or quad amp configurations when used in conjunction with the SB412 subwoofer. This wide selection of system options offers an extraordinary ability to tailor low end response to room requirements as well as client preferences. And now, with the option of adding the new HOS 218 or ASB 215 subwoofers into the equation, the results possible are beyond astounding!

The ultra-smooth, high-slew SDX Electronic Crossover supplied with the monitors, affording two or three way stereo and four or five way mono operation, incorporates UHF contour switches on all high frequency outputs. Available optionally on any or all individual outputs, as dictated by the needs of a specific installation, are fully parametric two band equalization, peak limiters, all pass time correction, custom tailored infrasonic/high-pass filters and sub frequency compensation. The SDX can even be used as four discrete pair of mono biamp outputs!

Due to the "built to order" custom nature of the High Output Series Monitors and High Impact Subwoofer, and the availability of either low or high impedance drive units, a very wide variety of speaker/enclosure combinations is possible. The listed specifications are for the most common "standard" configurations, but literally dozens of other combinations are available utilizing alternative tunings, more compact cabinets or totally custom designs to satisfy any specific installation requirements. The amplifier complement provided with the systems also varies widely in keeping with the selected driver configuration and SPL requirements. For example, the simplest biamplified SD312 system fitted with optional passive MF/HF crossovers may only utilize approximately 5-6 kilowatts, while the fully triamplified package calls for 9-10 kilowatts. With the addition of the SB412 subwoofers, another 5-10 kilowatts is provided, depending again on SPL requirements. Absolute fidelity is achieved when running the SD312 fully active with its triple 12" LF section operating in a single octave band from 90 to 190 hertz, above the SB412 subwoofer. Utilization of the drivers in this fashion yields the most transparent and accurate presentation possible while offering "gunshot" dynamics. However, combining all seven 12" LF units to cover the entire bass range below 190 hertz in a three-way configuration with a 20 kilowatt amplifier complement, pushes the system's SPL potential to nearly 150 decibels with an added measure of physical impact.

Complete turnkey systems are provided including braided Teflon Kimber Kable wiring harnesses (also used internally) and full isolation mount systems. The vast number of potential combinations afforded by the various driver configurations, tuning options, enclosure sizes, crossover points, and processing capability allows for a totally user-defined package to suit any application, and accordingly, requires price quotation on a per system basis. SD312 packages including all crossovers and between 5 to 10 kilowatts of amplification range in cost from $40,000 to $55,000, while the addition of a pair of SB412 subwoofers driven by 5 to 10 kilowatts increases the system cost by an additional $25,000 to $40,000.

The HIGH OUTPUT SERIES... Systems of unequaled capability and versatility.

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