Model Two Thousand

Dual Mono
High Resolution Control Room Amplifier

The culmination of a decade of research, development and critical listening geared toward producing amplifiers that make music, not just power, the new Two Thousand is our crowning achievement. With the ability to provide over 2400 watts continuously into extremely low impedances and deliver up to 200 apmeres of peak current per channel, the five rack space, ninety pound Two Thousand can drive any monitor, large or small, no matter how difficult the load. Most importantly, it can do so with sound quality equaling the finest, most exotic audiophile living room units costing many times its price.

Technically, the Two Thousand is a discrete dual mono design right down to its individual power cords and on/off switches, sharing only a common chassis and four quadrant custom extruded over-sized heat sink tunnel and inaudible continuously variable speed fan (we spent twice the amount necessary on the fan to ensure no one ever complains about the noise). Built like a tank, but agile as a ballerina, the Two Thousand's forty hand-matched European lateral MOSFETs, two custom over-wound imported toroidal transformers, and specially designed high capacitance, low ESR filter caps guarantee a stiff bottom end with extremely fast recovery time, superb square wave performance and exceptionally stable, wide bandwidth response in an extremely reliable, self-protecting package (there are no signal degrading protection circuits in the audio path). As a result of our straight wire design philosophy, total absence of global feedback and power supplies conservatively rated at twice the industry standard duty cycle, the Two Thousand's graceful clipping characteristics and even order harmonics above the clip point, allow for musical transients exceeding twice rated power with little or no noticeable side-effects.

Model Two Thousand is capable of continuously driving stereo one ohm loads with over 1200 watts RMS per channel.

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