Model Four Hundred

High Resolution Control Room Amplifier

Upon first audition, the new model Four Hundred Control Room Amplifier immediately impresses with its incredibly well-balanced musicality and utter lack of signature. Far more transparent than the "industry standard" pro amplifiers currently aimed at the recording studio marketplace, the Four Hundred's extreme speed, wide bandwidth and ultra-low distortion allow it to reproduce the subtle textures of timbre and inner detail of acoustic instruments and environments at a level never before achieved in its modest price range. In fact, along with its larger High Resolution Series brethren, it stands head and shoulders above any so-called "professional amplifier" currently available at any price. Its highly stable design, extremely fast transient recovery capability with no overshoot on square waves, and its excellent clipping behavior all contribute to the Four Hundred's ability to faithfully reproduce highly dynamic transients with an ease that belies its small size. The custom-built high-current toroidal transformer with split-dual secondaries, providing complete galvanic isolation of the D.C. power supply between the two channels, guarantees excellent stereo separation and sound stage, while in conjunction with the quick-discharge low ESR filter caps it shares with the Six Hundred and One Thousand, delivers strong, clean, tight bottom end, almost shocking for its size. No trick power supplies here. No free lunch. Just the highest resolution professional near-field monitor amplifier ever created. Simple, elegant circuit design, high quality components, and a design and manufacturing team that actually listens for a living.


Absolute polarityNon-inverting
Input impedance10K Ohm
Damping factor @ 1KHz> 300
Signal to noise> 109dB
Frequency Response (3dB points)3Hz-150KHz
Rise time (10% to 90% transition)1.2 microseconds
Total Harmonic Distortion + Noise
        Full power @ 1KHz.004%
        1/2 power @ 1KHz.001%
        Full power @ 10KHz.007%
        1/2 power @ 10KHz.005%
Continuous power output
        8 Ohm stereo/per channel125 watts RMS
        4 Ohm stereo/per channel200 watts RMS
Input connections via Neutrik combo XLR/TRS jacks
Output connections via Cliff 5-way binding posts
Power inlet via IEC grounded input
        Front panel19"W x 3.5"H (2 rack spaces)
        Chassis17"W x 3.5"H (2 rack spaces)
        Chassis depth from rear of front panel10.875"
        Chassis overall depth (including front panel)11.25"
Shipping weight30 lbs.
Warranty3 years

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