High Resolution Control Room Amplifiers
Four Hundred Stereo
Six Hundred Stereo
One Thousand Stereo
Two Thousand Dual Monoblock
High Current Control Room Amplifiers
S400 Stereo
M500 Monoblock
M500HV Monoblock
Control Room Reference Monitors
PRM 165 Mk II Passive Reference Monitors (Nearfield)
ARM 265 Active Reference Monitors (Midfield)
MRM 250 Master Reference Monitors (Midfield)
HOS 115 Modular Wide-Band High Output Series Main Monitors
SD 312 Ultra High Output Series Main Monitors
SB 412 Ultra High Output Series High Impact Subwoofers
Ultra High Output Series System Configurations
HOS 218 High Output Series Subwoofer
Crossovers and Subwoofer Crossover/Controllers
SDX Crossover
SBX Subwoofer Crossover/Controller
Active Sub-Bass Systems
ASB 310 (300 Watts On Board)
ASB 112 (450 Watts On Board)
ASB 115
ASB 118
ASB 212 (600 Watts On Board)
ASB 215

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