High Voltage, High Current
Control Room Amplifier

M 500HV High Voltage, High Current Control Room Amplifier

Being the first professional amplifiers to shun global feedback, the HV, standard M500 and stereo S400 are characterized by a rich "tube-like" sound, a high degree of natural detail and transparency, and the ability to convey an instrument's distinct timbre and the acoustic signature of any soundfield. A direct descendant of the standard M500 audiophile unit, the new HV high voltage model shares the same front end, chassis and straight-wire design philosophy, but offers 2.5 times the output for powering larger primary monitors and subwoofers. Utilizing 16 of the largest lateral MOSFETs, specially designed low ESR filter caps and an oversized custom-wound toroidal transformer, the M500HV is a mono block amplifier capable of supplying massive current reserves and exceptional bandwidth, speed and accuracy from a two rack space convection cooled package.


Absolute polarityNon-inverting
Input sensitivity.95 volts RMS
Input impedance balanced/unbalanced3.65K Ohms/51K Ohms
Output impedance.060 Ohms, 20Hz-20KHz
Damping factor135, 20Hz-20KHz
DC offset< 100 mV
Signal to noise105dB
Frequency response (3dB points)5Hz-160KHz
Total harmonic distortion.1%
Rise time (10% to 90% transition)900 nanoseconds
Slew rate85 volts per microsecond
Maximum peak current capability95 amperes
Power output (not including 3dB dynamic headroom)
        8 Ohms375 watts RMS
        4 Ohms600 watts RMS
        3 Ohms800 watts RMS
Dimensions18.9"W x 13.4" D x 3.5"H (2 rack spaces)
Shipping weight34 lbs.
Warranty3 years

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