MRM 250

Master Reference Monitor

MRM 250 Master Reference Monitors (with two Model One Thousand High Resolution Control Room Amplifiers)

Designed as an "ultimate" listening tool, the the MRM 250's goal is simple... to reproduce a musical event exactly as it occured in the original acoustical environment. With near-perfect time alignment, negligible harmonic distortion (especially in the critical upper frequencies) and wide-band response spanning over twelve and a half octaves when properly installed with our ASB active subwoofers, the 250's ability to reproduce a soundfield is unequaled. Timbre and harmonic relationships of acoustic instruments and minute spatial cues are revealed in a way that measurements only begin to explain. The utter lack of distortion and lightning speed of the twin, vertically arrayed 5.25" woofers and beryllium compression driver (active between 6kHz and 46kHz) provides absolutely realistic presentation of difficult musical transients such as percussion or brass, while accurately capturing the subtle nuances of a bowed cello. Powered by one of our model Two Thousand dual-mono block High Resolution Control Room Amplifiers and carefully aligned with the appropriate Active Sub-Bass system, the 250's will "disappear" and put the listener in a three-dimensional space with height, width and depth - truly coveying the acoustical environment in which the microphones originally captured the recording. While no other speaker we are aware of can match the realism of the 250's with acoustical sources, and their ability to reproduce real-world transients is flawless, they are not designed to play at unrealistic levels. Fifth row center at Carnegie Hall, or ringside at the Village Vanguard are their domain. Plenty of dynamic range is available, even for heavy rock or urban music, but these are not party speakers.

Just the quickest, most detailed, lowest distortion, wide-band monitors available. All systems are provided with the necessary Teflon Kimber Kables, sand-filled MDF pedestals and Dvibe isolation mounts. The MRM 250 is 7" wide, 17.5" high, 12.5" deep, and weighs 40 pounds.

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