PRM 165 Mk II

Passive Reference Monitor

PRM 165 Passive Reference Monitors

Being ruler-flat over nearly six of its eight and a half octave range (measuring ± ¾ dB from 300 to 15kHz), exceptionally well-matched pairs of 165's are consistently generated, providing extraordinary imaging and ultra-smooth response for extremely non-fatiguing long-term critical nearfield monitoring. A unique hybrid alignment tuned to 40Hz yields dead flat response to below 60 cycles functioning essentially as a sealed second order system down to the cabinet resonance, beyond which it rolls off rapidly fourth order. This technique provides the "no hype" bottom end for which the 165s are famous, with increased definition, extension and depth of image, while significantly reducing the group delay present in so many other designs. Although computer-modeled and tested in the laboratory, the 165 is optimized for the flattest, most accurate presentation possible in real-world studio environments. The shielded 6.5" long-excursion woofer was chosen for its neutral, uncolored extended midrange characteristics, as well as its robust low frequency performance. And in conjunction with its ultra-low distortion recessed 1" dome tweeter, hand-wired crossover, minimal front baffle area and heavily braced rear-vented satin black enclosure with all edges broadly radiused, the PRM 165 provides pinpoint imaging, wide bandwidth and excellent transient response in a 25 pound nearfield package.

Typical 2 π ½ space response ± 1 dB from 300Hz to 15kHz
  ± 1¾ dB from 60Hz to 19kHz
  Down 3 dB at 58Hz and 20.5kHz
  Down 10 dB at 40Hz

Typical 1 π 1/4 space in control room response lowers the 3 dB point to below 53Hz, with bottom octave reinforcement in the 5 to 10 dB range, depending upon proximity to adjacent boundaries.

Although the 165s are very easy to drive, high quality amplification of at least 100 watts per channel into 8 ohms is suggested. PRM 165s are generally packaged with one of the three Hot House SV stereo amps, the Four Hundred, Six Hundred or One Thousand. The massive current and headroom provided by a pair of M500HV monoblocks, or our two kilowatt dual-mono block model Two Thousand ensures the ultimate nearfield rig, and both are recommended for their extra voltage swing when utilizing the 165's as mid-high components in conjunction with our ASB active subwoofers for ultra-wideband (10.5 octave), truly dynamic nearfield applications. As a general rule of thumb, the larger amps are always recommended for unlimited headroom when tracking with open mics to faithfully reproduce the unrestricted dynamics of a live performance.


Nominal impedance 8 ohms
Dimensions 12.5" H x 8.5" W x 12" D
Price $1,999 per pair, hyper shielded, in standard black
satin finish or high-tech, ultra-durable textured
rubberized polymer armor coat finish.

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