High Definition Crossover

Featuring · Stereo Bi and Tri amp configuration
· Mono 4 and 5 way operation
· Four channel Bi amp capability
· 24 dB/octave filters
· Transparent High-Slew Electronics
· Ultra High Frequency contour switch
Optional · Limiters on individual outputs
· Fully parametric 2 band EQ on any individual output
· All-pass time correction on any individual output
· Custom-tailored infrasonic/high pass filter at any
  frequency with 6 to 48 dB/octave

SDX High Definition Crossover

Unique in its blend of audiophile sound quality and professional flexibility, the High Output Series SDX electronic crossover was initially designed to be thoroughly adaptable to the wide range of requirements posed by the many custom configurations of the Hot House High Output Series Monitors and High Impact Subwoofers. The vast number of potential combinations of standard and optional signal processing modules has yielded a totally malleable and comprehensive frequency dividing system, making the SDX a universal crossover well-suited to any high quality professional application. The standard ultra-high frequency compensation circuit available on all four H.F. outputs can be hinged at any user-specific frequency for studio monitoring or high-end club use or may be set to standard constant directivity characteristics for P.A. applications. The optional low frequency contour module combines a system-specific sharp high-pass filter with low frequency boost providing L.F. extension and driver excursion protection. The two band fully parametric EQ available on all outputs operates over any user-defined decade (for example: 20-200Hz, 200-2000Hz, 2-20KHz), eliminating the need for outboard gear, improving sound quality and cutting costs. Where time-alignment is required, all-pass time correction modules can be fitted to delay any driver in the system. Likewise, if dynamics must be controlled for system protection, limiters can be specified on any or all outputs. All connections are via balanced rear panel XLR jacks. An internal torroidal power supply is factory-set to 120v/60Hz, but can be supplied to suit other requirements. All dials and switches (front and rear) are flush to the panel or recessed to avoid accidental adjustment, and a clear plastic security cover is optional.

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